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bballinthesky history dansaert legacy

Bball in the sky


Bball in the sky was founded in 2017 by Mehdi Ould Kherroubi Hacine-Bey, PhD. He’s born in 1981 and raised in Brussels (Belgium) with an Algerian and Turkish background. He started to play basketball in 1991 on outdoor basketball courts. He reached the highest level in this sport when he was 18 years old. He was a prospect for several training centers of top D1 league in Belgium (BC Oostende and Spirou Charleroi) and in college in USA (Dallas College).

After one year as a semi-professional player in Spirou Charleroi (Gilly), he decided to focus on his studies. He get a master in political sciences, international relations (ULB, Brussels) and a phd in business management (Huddersfield business school, UK). During his phd, he observed that most of the basketball courts in Brussels and widely in Belgium were damaged. To beautify them, he had the idea to decorate them with artworks and design furnitures and to place them on original spots. During 2 years, he tried to reach several stakeholders such as politicians and landowners to implement his project.

in 2019

In June 2019, at the end of his phd, Tarmac (the hiphop channel of RTBF) called him to organize a basketball event (e.g. slam dunk contests and pickup games) at the “couleur café” festival (Brussels, Belgium). It had a lot of success.

In December 2019, he developed a monumental artwork with the artist Dema (CNN199) on and around the basketball court, in the previous Delhaize Molière parking area in Ixelles (Brussels). This artwork included a wall exclusively dedicated to basketball legends. In addition, Mehdi and his team set up a streetball tournament for men and women (3×3) which attracted a lot of fans and athletes. The winners get a city trip to London.

In 2020

In July 2020, we repeated the experience with a brand new artistic offering in “Nouveau Marché aux Grains square”, the famous Dansaert neighborhood (Brussels). This artwork was combined with an official international 3×3 tournament for men and women. Despite the Covid context, this event gathered passionate fans of diverse, cultural and generational roots. We offered a city trip to Los Angeles (USA) to the winners (men and women).

In 2021

Mehdi decided to open its first gallery next to this square, at the heart of the Dansaert neighborhood, bordering its iconic basketball court. An unprecedented initiative in Belgium and rare around the world, this new gallery aims to promote basketball and sports in general, via plastic arts and visuals (photography, design, calligraphy, digital art, painting, sculpting, engraving,…) made by Belgian and international artists.

Bball in the sky’s reason of being is to promote sport through art and design. Sport is an artistic form of expression by itself. When it harmonizes with others forms of art, like painting, this new interaction creates a magical effect for the athletes, spectators and residents.

bballinthesky history dansaert legacy
bballinthesky history dansaert legacy

Bball in the sky


Bball in the sky is driving by the willing to give to people the feeling of freedom and to enhance the beauty of the nature through the mixing of sport, art and design. Hence, the philosophical perspective of bball in the sky is closed to the romantisme mouvement born in the 18’s century in UK. This movement attempted to highlight the delight of the nature, the escape and the introspection through the mystery and the fantastic.

Regarding the darkness of some areas in the world, the bad intentions of some people, the unequal social and economic system, it’s necessary to set up sport areas where people can dream, feel better and talk to each other equally and peacefully regardless of their diverse background.

We beautify sport through art and design