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Bball in the sky


Bball in the sky was founded in 2019 by Mehdi Ould Kherroubi Hacine-Bey, PhD (linkedIn profil). He’s born in 1981 and raised in Brussels (Belgium) with an Algerian and Turkish background. He started to play basketball in 1991 on outdoor basketball courts in Laeken, one of North districts in Brussels. After few years, he moved from his neighborhood to play against the best streetball players in Brussels. He signed in Brussels basketball club (called at the time Excelsior) when he was 13 yo.

He reached his highest level in this sport when he was 18 years old. He was a prospect for two training centers of top D1 league in Belgium (BC Oostende and Spirou Charleroi) and one college in USA (Dallas College).

After one year as a semi-professional player in Spirou Charleroi (Gilly), he decided to focus on his studies. He get a master in political sciences, international relations (ULB, Brussels) and a phd in business management (Huddersfield business school, UK). He worked notably in the media industry and in the academic sector for years. 

Atomium, neighborhood where I grew up
Parc de la Sauvagère

Bball in the sky


In 2017, the playground where he used to play with his friends, were replaced by local representatives with a multi-sport court. This basketball court located in the Sauvagère parc in Uccle (Brussels, Belgium) was built in 1970. It was one of the most old and popular courts in Brussels*.

Despite its legacy and the mobilization, the public authorities refused to restore it. After 2 years of peaceful fights, in 2019, Mehdi had the willing to combine his theoretical knowledge with his sport passion by creating his own project named “bball in the sky”.

For more information about the struggle to restore our historical basketball located in Sauvagère parc in Uccle (Brussels, Belgium), feel free to sign our petition and to join us on our social media: Sign the online petition / Facebook group / Instragram / Youtube

Bball in the sky


Mehdi observed that most of the outdoor basket courts in Belgium were damaged and/or replaced by ugly multi-sport courts while they are essential in terms of sport access and the beauty of the city. Besides, he noticed the work of basketball players around the world to beautify it. Project backboard and trajectoire studio were major influences on his thinking and creation process. The picture on the left is the project designed by trajectoire studio and town and concrete which inspires Mehdi the most.

In order to distinguish himself, he wanted and still want implement basketball courts on rooftops with artworks and designed furnitures. His main objective is to make dream people through sport, art and design. He’s convinced that magnificent sport infrastructures located in an elaborated urbanism dynamic contribute to create, to maintain or to improve the peacefulness and homogeneity into diverse communities.

Bball in the sky


Bball in the sky is driving by the willing to give to people the feeling of freedom and to enhance the beauty of the nature through the mixing of sport, art and design. Hence, the philosophical perspective of bball in the sky is closed to the romantisme mouvement born in the 18’s century in UK. This movement attempted to highlight the delight of the nature, the escape and the introspection through the mystery and the fantastic.

Regarding the darkness of some areas in the world, the bad intentions of some people, the unequal social and economic system, it’s necessary to set up sport areas where people can dream, feel better and talk to each other equally and peacefully regardless of their diverse background.

For more information about our philosophy, click on this youtube link. This is a presentation made by our founder Mehdi Ould Kherroubi Hacine-Bey (PhD) in mad.Brussels.

We beautify sport through art and design