We attempt to combine sport, art and design

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3 Livourne street. 1060 Brussels, Belgium

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The bball in the sky laboratory has the ambition to conduct scientific researches on fields related in a certain extend to sport. We develop our researches through various forms such as reports, tangible objects, drafts, exhibition, videos and photos. Our purpose is to innovate and transform our society in order to propose creative projects, technologies and communication strategies.

The method used is a mix of qualitative and quantitative method. For the qualitative approach, we prefer the ethnography instrument in order to be closed as possible from our field. That’s the reason why most of our laboratory members do sport.

Observation, analyse, research, development and innovation are our 5 key words.

We attempt to constently sail downstream  in order to link the imagination  (upstream) with the faisability (downstream). This continuous process allows to improve both the initial project and the tangible output. 

Our department produces notably public knowledge for various social categories such as policy makers, public and private organizations, athletes, scholars, students and associations.

The fields under the scope of our laboratory are the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • the indoor and outdoor sport infrastructures. Their quality and their usefulness in their environment;
  • the interaction between sport, art and design;
  • the outdoor furnitures around sport infrastructures;
  • the occupational communities. The diversity within this social category, the discrimination and the leading process;
  • and the policy decision process related to sport.

Our department is leading by our founder Mehdi Ould Kherroubi Hacine-Bey, PhD.