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The story behind

The story behind is a new format developed and produced by bball in the sky. It consists to highlight people who have a huge impact on sport. Being a professional athlete is not easy. People need to know all the aspects of the initiation process such as the suffering, the diet, the housing and family instability, the uncertain futur, the social and academic background. The professional athletes are an “elite” to whom some people identify themselves. In addition, we explore the dreams of amateurs in basketball. They constitute the majority of the basketball world. That’s the reason why it’s crucial to point out notably their aspiration, their background and their work routine to achieve their basketball objectives.

Here’s our first video with Anthony Lambot who is a living legend in Charleroi. Born and raised in this Hainaut’s city, he won the Belgian Championship in 2022 with Limburgh united. He opened to us his doors to observe his daily routine as a professional basketball player. According to him, a baller needs a killer mindset when he/she’s on the court. He/she has to enjoy but also to fight for each ball. In addition. Furthermore, a professional basketball player has to seize any opportunity to involve in his career.

When you’re on the court. You need to fight for each ball. If not, don’t play!

Let’s discover the life behind the manager and the player of 3×3 Team Antwerp, Nick Celis. He’s not only a basketball player but also a notary public. His both passions come from his father and his grandfather. Thanks to his work and his teammates, 3×3 Team Antwerp is one of the best streetball team in the world. Indeed, they are 6th in the FIBA 3×3 world ranking (FIBA3x3, 2023). In addition, Nick and Thibaut Vervoort are in the top 10 of the best 3×3 players in the world (FIBA3x3, 2023).

My father loved basketball. He transformed the garden into a basketball court.

From his neighborhood, the Matadi project in Marchienne-au-pont (Charleroi, Belgium), Karim Chaïbaï explains how he moved from sport to politics. This player, with the most titles in futsal in Belgium, accepted to be involved into the 2018 district campaign in order to get some contacts to improve the sport infrastructures in his neighborhood. He was surprised to be elected. Now, he has the responsibility to achieve his main objective: sport democratization.

In this vein, he collaborates with clubs in order to implement free camps to attract more kids who are not used to do sport in an organization because of the registration costs. In addition, Karim with his team increased the number of families who can beneficiate from a check of 100 € per kid to do sport in club.

Thanks to this check, you can save 100 € per kid and per year.