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Dansaert legacy documentary

Bball in the sky develops several audio-visual projects related to sport such as the documentary “Dansaert legacy“. This documentary recounts our artistic and sport project in Nouveau Marché aux grains square (Brussels, Belgium). It points out notably the importance of sport infrastructures and the multiple collaborations between the projet initiator, Mehdi Ould Kherroubi Hacine-Bey, and his partners: the artist Dema (CNN199),  his paint provider Khalid (Victoria Paint), the rapper Manza (CNN199) and Scylla, and some square’s inhabitants. Hence, this audio-visual project attempts to highlight the territory appropriation process from neighborhood’s (former) inhabitants, historically composed by people with a migration background from working class but which is subject to massive gentrification.

In this first teaser, we can follow our founder, Mehdi, in its work process. It highlights his social network including the Latrech family and his relation with his friends with whom he grew up in this neighborhood.

Teaser 2 Scylla

In this second teaser, the famous belgian rapper Scylla honored us with its contribution. He insists on the importance of the outdoor basketball infrastructures and arts. He used to play outside when he was young. The free access to sport is essential. Moreover, for single-parent families. In addition, according to him,

“Aestheticism is very important in our lives. It’s a way of smoothening the hard truth.”

Scylla and Mehdi studied together political sciences in the university of Brussels (ULB) . They kept in touch after their studies. We would like to thank him for his time.

Teaser 3 Dema

In this third teaser, the famous street artist and calligrapher Dema from the crew CNN199, shares his vision of art and the importance of youth integration. For him, the people with migration background in Belgium are structured by their parents willings. The second generation of immigrants are supposed to study to be a doctor or a lawyer but not be an artist.

He says:

“My work of communication and transmission are very important to me. I want to convey art.”

Dema and Mehdi used to play basketball together in Brussels. Mehdi really liked his work. That’s the reason why he asked to work with him.