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Ixelles 2019

Ixelles - Brussels 2019

Bball in the sky set up its first basketball court in 2019 in Ixelles and particularly in the strokar inside. The original fonction of this space was a parking spot of the supermarket “Delhaize”. With Dema (CNN199), we designed an artwork inspired by the Naruto manga. The shaded blue tones represent both the sky and the sea. The yellow reflects the color of the sun. Most importantly is the magnificent calligraphy in the centrum and surrounding the basketball court. Dema is an expert in this sector. Several words are drawn in an arabic written style such as bball in the sky, cnn (his crew).

This court was temporary. It was set up in the strokar inside exhibition. Strokar inside was one of the biggest streetart exhibitations in Belgium. It welcomed famous artists in 5.000 m2 area in Brussels.

We would like to thank the directors of this initiative Alexandra Lambert and Fred Atax, for their welcome and this opportunity.

The interaction between these both worlds, street-art and sport, attracted a lot of basketball players, fans and visitors. In 3 weeks during the cold days of December and January, we measured a traffic of around 2.000 people which is a success considering the non promotion in the upstream of this event. The media was impressed also by the 3×3 tournament that we organized.

Here’s the area before our input. As you can observe, our intervention was huge and beautified this empty space dedicated initially for cars.

In addition, we paid a tribute for the current and former basketball founders by making pictures collage. The fans, visitors and media were really impressed by our work as you can see in this live of BX1 which is main french television channel in Brussels.